Late Late Registration: March 15th, 2015 (Tryouts)

9:00am – 11:00am & 1:00pm – 3:00pm Agra Village 4800 10th Ave. S.

A Certified Birth Certificate for verification

3 Forms to Verify Residency (Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, Utility Bill, etc…)
Registration Packet (Print and Fill Out for Faster Registration)

Tryouts March 15, 2015 Agra Village 4800 10th Ave. S.

Baseball: Juniors 9:00am; Majors 10:00am; Minor A 1:00pm
Softball: Juniors, Majors & Minor A: 3:00pm
New Sign-ups: If player needs to tryout please arrive early

Who: ages 4-16

All Divisions: T Ball – Juniors Baseball & Softball

Co-ed: T-ball ages 4-6 (7 if first year)

Co-ed: Minor C Baseball ages 5-6


Minor B baseball ages 6-8 Progressive baseball

Minor A baseball ages 8-10 Tryouts required

Majors Baseball ages 11-12 Tryouts required

Junior/Senior Baseball ages 13-16 Tryouts required


Minor B softballl ages 6-8

Minor A softball ages 8-10 Tryouts required

Majors softball ages 11-12 Tryouts required

Junior/Senior softball ages 13-16 Tryouts required

Challenger Division Special Needs, All Ages

Team and Level Placement will be based on past playing experience as well as tryout assessments.

Volunteer ~ The support of the parents, friends and family greatly increases the success of Little League. Help make it meaningful experience for your child by volunteering. Volunteer information is available during registration.

Americans: Garn Wanner, 761-0642
Riverside: Tom Croskey, 590-4750
Westside: Keith Marr,