May 28th Weather: Due to more Rain and no Sun. We are forced to close the fields tonight. All Games are cancelled and Please stay off fields!


For those that need to volunteer to get their Work Bond Back, Time is Running Out!!! Please Contact Sean Sturges at to schedule time to volunteer.


We are looking for Volunteers to work in the Concessions Stand. If you would like to volunteer please contact Sean Sturges at to sign up.

The shifts will be filled on a first come first fill bases. This can be used to complete the Work Bond or just to volunteer your time. To work in concessions a volunteer form must be filled out (Click on Forms to the left). Contact Sean Sturges for more Info.


Volunteer ~ The support of the parents, friends and family greatly increases the success of Little League.

Help make it meaningful experience for your child by volunteering.

If you would like to Umpire please send e-mail to for more info

Americans: Garn Wanner, Weather Line: 761-0642
Riverside: Tom Croskey, 590-4750
Westside: Keith Marr,