Great Falls Americans
2017 Board of Directors



 Contact phone:
This phone is not checked until late March.  Please contact us on Facebook.
President Leann Svir
Vice President Mike Symonds
Treasurer Kerry Bennett
Secretary Kerry Bennett
Equipment  James Nephew
Volunteer Coordinator  
Safety Officer Derek Elliott
Tournament Director
Concessions !!! Volunteers Needed!!!  899-7072
Sponsors Director  John Huber
Training Director  
Fields Maint.  !!!Volunteers Needed!!!  899-7072
General Maint. Dir  Scott Banderob
Player Agents:  Player Agents:  Contact PH#
T-Ball Derek Elltiott and Will Garten
Minor “C”  Crystal Salois
Minor “B” Baseball
Minor “A” Baseball  Mike Davis
Major Baseball  Mike Symonds
Jr/Sr Baseball  Mark Jefferson
Belt Rep  !!!Volunteers Needed!!!
Belt Rep
Centerville Rep
Minor Softball
Major Softball  Dustin Bauer
Jr/Sr Softball
City UIC
Umpire Scheduler  !!Umps Needed!!  899-7072