These are GF Americans’ League Division Rules.

Minor B
 This is a coach pitch league, pitches will be thrown from a distance of 40 feet.
Each coach will pitch to his/her own players.
Pitches should be thrown at a speed of 40-50 mph.
A defensive player is positioned beside the pitchers mound, with a clear line of vision to the batter.
Pitcher shall have only one ball at any time.
 Runners may  advance at own risk on an overthrow, but not more than one base.
An overthrow by the catcher back to the pitcher is a dead ball, no advancement allowed.
  All players present are put in batting order.
 An inning is over when 3 outs are made, or when all players have batted, whichever comes first.
If a player is put out, they shall return to dugout.
Each batter will get 7 pitches to hit or will be called out, a foul ball on the seventh pitch is an out.
No bunting, player shall take full swing.
Offensive team shall inform defense when last batter is up.
Base Running:
 No head first sliding while advancing, runner is out (runner may dive if going back to a base).
No stealing allowed.
Runner shall stay in contact with base until ball is hit.
 Runners may not continue to advance once they have been put out, even if they are the last batter.
  Teams may only play 9 players on defense.
 Two adult defensive coaches allowed on the field to verbally assist players, must be positioned behind infield players, may not interfere with any play.
Each player must play at least 2 defensive innings.
No player will sit on bench for two consecutive innings.
 Offense may have two adult base coaches, base coaches may not physically assist players.
There must be at least one adult in the dugout at all times.
  Scores may be kept.
Games will be played 5 innings or 1 ½ hour, whichever comes first.